Dear Mom-to-be,
Have We Got a Deal for You!

Once your baby arrives, you don’t want to do it all, and he doesn’t want to lose you. With a hands-on dad in the house, your baby gets the best of you both, you stay sane, and your relationship doesn’t take a dive (like way too many do).

He keeps your heart and you keep your mind. You can learn how from us guys by checking out our 10 Things Moms-To-Be Should Know About New Dads.


Dad’s Protective Instincts Come from Caveman Roots

From Greg Bishop, Founder, Boot Camp for New Dads

As Cavemen, we dads developed a strong protective instinct (Saber-toothed cats were a real problem), as well as a nurturing instinct. We were hands-on with our babies 24/7 in our little caves (talk about co-sleeping), except when out after an extra big mammoth because we had another mouth to feed. And when we got back, no doubt the… Read On

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