How to Turn Your Lawn into a Child-Friendly Paradise

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How to Turn Your Lawn into a Child-Friendly Paradise

Does your home come with a lawn?

Since a lawn is an open and airy natural area that is easily accessible by all members of your household, it is a great spot to bond and enjoy a myriad of recreational activities with your kids. However, if your lawn doesn’t receive the proper level of care that it needs on a regular basis it can be a fail.

Even if you mow or water your lawn from time to time, it doesn’t mean that it’s automatically a safe zone for the youngsters as it might still be riddled with unwanted elements such as bugs and weeds.

There are several things you should do before you can declare that your lawn is safe for your children. Interested to learn more about it? Here’s how you can turn your lawn into a kid-friendly paradise.

Mow Your Lawn Correctly

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Perhaps the most well-known and important aspect of lawn care, mowing is not something that should be taken lightly. Despite information being easily accessible in our current age, there are some property owners who make the common mistake of mowing their lawn without taking into account the proper cutting height.

Lawn mowing is not as simple as turning on your mower and going to town, because cutting the grass too short can put stress on the turf, which often leads to the decrease in the quality of your greenery. Before mowing your lawn be sure to research about the proper cutting height for the type of turfgrass species you have on your lawn, and then you can finally cut the grass. Remember that achieving a healthy lawn starts with proper mowing, and a healthy lawn is the ideal green zone for you and your children to enjoy the fun and exciting outdoor activities.

Use Pesticides to Eliminate or Repel Pests

Pest control is a standard lawn maintenance chore that should be done with extreme caution because careless applications could harm your kids and pets, and even you. As much as possible you should always read and follow the instructions/safety warnings on the pesticide label, or let somebody else who is qualified do the pest control work for you.

If you want to play it safe, there are non-toxic and natural pest control methods that are enough to eliminate minor pests like insects and slugs, and sometimes hard-core nuisances.

Configure Your Irrigation System Accordingly

Irrigating a lawn has turned into a trivial task thanks to the recent advances of modern technology, which introduced to property owners the convenient option to water their greenery automatically. However, there are still some people who don’t irrigate their lawns properly, even though they have automatic irrigation systems.

One of the common mistakes they make is by not configuring the sprinklers properly, which is very bad since too much watering can make your lawn vulnerable to diseases, weeds, and insect infestations and under-watering your lawn can wilt the grasses. Whenever irrigating your lawn be sure to configure the sprinklers and set it to water at the right time of the day, depending on the season. And if rainfall occurs, reduce the water levels or just turn off the sprinkler system to avoid overwatering.