Struggling With Public Speaking? Here Are a Few Helpful Tips for You!

//Struggling With Public Speaking? Here Are a Few Helpful Tips for You!

Struggling With Public Speaking? Here Are a Few Helpful Tips for You!

Are you an primiary school student who’s having trouble communicating and presenting your ideas clearly to a live audience? Don’t fret because there are millions of people around the world who also have a fear of public speaking. If you want to overcome your fear, here are a few techniques that you can use to become an effective public speaker who can deliver impactful oral presentations in front of your classmates.

  • Stick to a Topic You’re Familiar With

If your teacher gives you the option to choose your own topic in a given subject, select one that you’re familiar with. Doing this immediately gives you an edge right from the very start, because your knowledge about the topic makes you feel confident that you can answer any questions that your classmates or teacher might throw at you.

  • Research the Topic Thoroughly

Whether you’re familiar with the topic or not, cover all bases by researching the topic until you understand it completely. Your extensive knowledge about the topic ensures that there are no holes in your presentation, and it will also make you feel less anxious knowing that you’re prepared against questions or distractions that might suddenly throw you off your thought.

  • Practice More Than You Study

Instead of spending a lot of time reading your speech silently, even if you have to whisper, practice delivering your speech out loud as if there’s an audience in front of you. This technique can help you determine in advance whether you want to make adjustments to your speech or to your style of delivery. It would be better if you can record yourself using a camera or audio recorder so you can clearly see which areas you may need to work on.

  • Study the World’s Greatest Speeches

From Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech to Theodore Roosevelt’s “Duties of American Citizenship” speech, listen to some of the greatest recorded speeches in history so you can get a burst of inspiration and an influx of ideas for your upcoming speech. Study their technique and style and try to imitate them.

  • Understand the Perspective of Your Classmates
Kids struggling with public speaking

The thing about anxiety is that it causes you to overthink about a lot of things. In your case, you’re worried that your classmates might make fun of you if you stumble during your speech. But you know what? They’re probably nervous or worried about their own speech, too. So most likely they’re going to be sympathetic about any errors that you might make, or they won’t give it that much thought at all.

  • Share Your Anxiety to Another Person

I understand the anxieties and struggles of a young student like you, most especially stage fright. And you know what? One of the most effective techniques to overcome it is to describe your public speaking fears ahead of time to your parents, grandparents or a teacher. Doing the simple task of sharing your anxiety to another person releases some negative energy off of you and helps lighten up your mind, which in turn prepares you mentally for that upcoming speech.  

If you think that these techniques are not enough for you to overcome your fear of public speaking, consider enrolling in a public speaking Sydney school that offers school holiday programs as well as term programs in public speaking for kids.

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